Adele Fans Aren’t Happy With Her European Concert Ticket Prices

Instagram // @adele

Adele is going back to Europe with a series of concerts in Munich. The cheapest tickets sold out immediately, but the remaining ones seem to have started a debate among many fans, with them finding the tickets out of their price range and thinking the venue is too small for everyone who wants to go.

Adele’s European Concerts Announcement

Adele was very excited to announce her first European shows in eight years, saying she didn’t have any other plans after the success of her London’s Hyde Park and Vegas concerts. The singer shared she was pretty keen on the idea of visiting Munich for a series of shows and seeing some of her favorite artists, while she was there, too.

Instagram // @adele

The 10 concerts will take place in August, and fans have been very excited to see Adele this summer. However, the ticket prices have become a hot topic on social media platforms. Some comments were directly addressed to the singer, asking her to speak with her team about the prices. Some people are willing to sell their tickets, while others have called Adele “a bit greedy” after they couldn’t afford VIP tickets.

Is Seeing Adele Too Expensive?

The cheapest tickets for a spot near the back and off to the side for Adele’s last concert in Munich retail for roughly $175. Platinum Tickets are also still available, and their price can vary. The cheapest ones that could be found retailed for around $215. Other tickets can be bought for between $225 and $486 roughly. On Eventim, you can find tickets for $362.

None of Adele’s team have commented on the ticket prices yet, but the prices have left fans feeling discouraged and like concerts are becoming less and less accessible to normal people. Whether Adele will offer any more cheap tickets remains to be seen.