All About Benny Blanco’s Soon-to-Release Cookbook ‘Open Wide’

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Open Wide is Benny Blanco’s new cookbook. The record producer, artist, and songwriter recently promoted his cookbook with a live stream where he showcased some of the recipes it includes. In an interview, he also said that while some people think cooking is hard to learn, he doesn’t feel like that’s the case.

Benny Blanco Has a Cookbook

The full name of the book is Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends, and Benny Blanco seems to have really poured his love for food into every page as it’s teeming with interesting recipes. During the stream, Blanco showed fans how to make his ultimate breakfast recipe that’s featured in the cookbook.

He said he would also share how to kick a friend out without making them hateful. He even opened the floor for questions by saying that anyone could ask him anything they wanted. In addition to the livestream, Blanco had a special offer of an autographed copy for anyone who pre-orders the book.

Blanco Led a Big Marketing Campaign

The book itself will be released on April 30th. It has chapters with cheesy titles like “I Wish I Were an Italian Grandma” and “Take Me to the Cheesy Rodeo.” There are items like the “Lose Your Mind Lobster Rolls” and the “I Might Go Vegetarian” veggie sandwich. Other recipes include baklava, peppers and parmesan, caprese with roasted pepper and burrata, chicken cutlets with honey, and more.

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Amid all the social media campaigns, partnerships, collaborations, media appearances, and cooking demonstrations, Blanco is certainly generating a lot of buzz around his new cookbook. Some assume it will be a major hit and fly off the shelves in no time. Whether that’s actually the case remains to be seen as fans await the book’s release.